Thursday, April 26, 2012


dress, vintage; shoes, urban outfitters; awkward stance, me

 silver cuff, tiffanys

When my mom gave me this dress from a consignor who didn't want it back, I first shunned it because I couldn't see me wearing it to work. I have had a couple of days off and the extreme sun outside pouring in from my bedroom windows inspired me to yank it from my closet and pair it with my new camel-colored flat-forms from Urban Outfitters (which are surprisingly comfortable/affordable). As for the Tiffany cuff, I snatched that up as soon as my mom received it in her consignment store.

I tried to find an easy tutorial for creating animated gifs using Photoshop but I got restless and opted for this really easy site called Gickr. Some of the photo quality was sacrificed but this will serve as motivation to learn the hard way, the Photoshop way.

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